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How to pick the right Boston neighborhood to live? Make a list of important factors when choosing your neighborhood.  You should start to form some basic questions around your lifestyle.  Things that will impact your day to day happiness such as proximity to things that you do everyday.

-Do you have kids? Do you need to be close to a park or specific school so the daily commute to school is close.

-Do you want to be close to your work? Do you want to be able to walk or just use public transportation to work.  Is your job far enough that you need a car or would you need parking?

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-Do you have a certain lifestyle or gym that you need to be close to?  Some people are regimented in their workouts and like to be close to places like Equinox or grocery stores like Whole Foods.

-What kind of home do you want to live in?  Do you want a single family, condo or townhouse.  Some people may want to consider a multi-family to offset the mortgage.

-What is your current community lacking?  Are you moving because you want to live in a more historical neighborhood.  Maybe you like lots of restaurants in walking distance to your house

Here are a list of the best neighborhoods to live in Boston


Back Bay

Beacon Hill


Downtown Crossing



South End

South Boston

West End